The Birdlife Community

I follow on Twitter and Birdlife International, after links to numerous tales about animals from around the world. This rule, Birdlife links to websites of their community. Right now they are very well bring the news about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which has shown fastidious concern at this time. Here one of his tales of all Vital Bird Areas in danger of oil spills. This site really brings all the major news of bird conservation in one place. Whether due to unlawful hunting in Malta, or for the protection of wilderness areas in Poland, or a record about the rescue of the sociable lapwing, or the protection of the Carnaby Black, “Cockatoos in Australia, or bring SMP (BirdLife prevent extinction Program) for the Pacific. The threat of Houbara Bustard in South Africa or even news about the protection of the Argentine Southern Rockhopper Penguin. There are also links to information about the different people who work for Birdlife International. Here’s are Neversil Barbara, who works for Birdlife Switzerland at the time mostly in Europe, but hopefully with time will be blogging more BirdLife partner. In addition, a section of the record and in this example is to travel Birdlife campaign was born. You can use “The bird life” community in various ways, either throughFacebook, Twitter, YouTube and through the publication of photos on Flickr from your website, to use for free. The Flickr site is in its infancy. So I recommend that you bookmark this page and stay regularly.

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